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Bikies australia

THE Mongols are the most powerful bikie gang in Australia and police say the gang's mother chapter will order an escalation in violence, drugs and extortion. Inside our most powerful bikie gang Source:News Limited. And police motorcycle gang investigators have told news. Mongols bikie gang. While an Australian police officer who has been investigating outlaw bikie gangs for more than a decade said Mongols were known for "torture, murder, drugs, guns, explosives".

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They deal in methamphetamines, and to a lesser extent ecstasy and cannabis. A Mongols Australia member. The "instant" arrival of the Mongols as a new force among Australia's plus bikie clubs is the result of a "patch over" of the former Finks Motorcycle Club, ahead of a court challenge on November 15 to outlaw the Finks under tough new Queensland anti-bike laws.

But the two police investigators, who spoke exclusively with news. Also called the Mongol Nation or Mongol Brotherhood, their name comes from the vast 12th century empire formed by the Asian warlord said to have killed more people than anyone else in history, Genghis Khan.

The Mongols began in California and have spread across the US. Began more than 40 years ago in California as a result of the Hells Angels gang ban on Hispanic members, the Mongols have spread across the US, although their mostly Latino membership is concentrated heavily on the West Coast. Like all outlaw gangs, or "one per centers", the Mongols wear the three-piece patch which is central to the outlaw gang ethos and jealously guarded, to the extent gangs will attack non-outlaw bike groups who "dare" to wear the three-piece, which consists of the "top rocker" with the club's name, "bottom rocker" with the club chapter location and the central club emblem.

Infellow one per center club, the Nomads, threatened social bikers club Ulysses during a rally ride to Canberra within ultimatum to remove their three rocker patches. The one per center status of outlaw clubs represents the legend they are the absolute minority of people on motor bikes who are "bad".

Gangs in Australia

US law enforcement authorities say the Mongols are the "most violent and dangerous" bikie gang in the country, perhaps the world. Sworn enemies of the Hells Angels, and despising of the Angels' hatred for Hispanics, Native Americans and African Americans who are refused membershipthe Mongols have a "shoot on sight" policy against the Angels. Their allies among other outlaw bikie gangs include the Sons of Silence, the Outlaws, the Bandidos and the Finks, who share their deadly rivalry with the Hells Angels.

The Mongols is one clubs that "allows" their women to advertise their property status. Women cannot become members and do not rank even in second place, "but more like third or fourth place" in status, police investigators told news. The Mongols are one of the outlaw clubs which like their women to advertise their status as the "property" of individual members. Group sex is tolerated, although it has become rarer among older club members. The Mongols have a more violent culture because of their pattern of recruiting from street gangs which bring with them a more bloodthirsty "revenge" culture.

While membership has moved from the once compulsory bike usually Harley Davidson, or at least V-twin engine motorcycle riding, mostly bearded men to include clean cut younger members who may not even ride bikes, police said "the culture is shifting".

With an estimated 90 per cent of the Finks repatching as Mongols, the club may almost be at the same strength as the Hells Angels, which has between and members in Australia. Although the Rebels club is Australia's largest, with about members, the Mongols are now like the Angels, a club with strong global connections, and more prone to crime and violence.

State governments had already introduced tough new legislation to counter fears suburban Australia is under increasing risk from bikie gangs and their appetite for drugs, violence and gun running. The emergence of the Mongols onto the scene has police worried, even though lawyers for bikie groups claimed the news laws were "against human rights" and an "overreaction".

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Queensland lawyer, Michael Bosscher, who represents the Bandidos, said most bikies were "fathers and grandfathers with jobs". He said new laws which threatened the ability for bikies to gain bail while on charges and to sentence them to extra prison time of up to 25 years were an assault on the individuals' human rights. Bandidos colours handed in to Michael Bosscher's law office.

Barrister Wayne Baffsy of the United Motorcycle Council of Australia also said the new anti-bikie gang laws were against the Australian constitution, and police had exaggerated the danger of so-called outlaw motorcycle clubs in this country. However, US detective Steve Cook, warned against the community or justice authorities being complacent about the Mongols. Founder of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators, Mr Cook is one of the few international law enforcement officers with a working knowledge of the bikie gang scene in Australia.

They are in it for ego, status and money from criminal activity. What kind of grown man likes to call himself Pig Pen or Tank and wear patches and a costume?Your web browser is no longer supported.

To improve your experience update it here. News Bikies. Bikie gang smashed, weapons seized in police raids Four people were arrested and weapons including a stun gun and military-style bayonet seized as police targeted the Mongols bikie gang in a series of raids across Perth.

Jailed bikie's sentence extended for sex offender bashing Rebels bikie Bradley Daniele has had his jail sentence extended after he bashed an admitted child sex offender at an Adelaide prison. Bandidos in Norway, Singapore mourn 'gentleman' NSW bikie boss The execution-style killing of an Australian bikie boss has sparked outpourings of grief from Bandidos chapters as far afield as Singapore, Denmark and Norway.

CCTV shows attempted assassination of Melbourne bikie A bikie has escaped death after dodging two would-be assassins who unleashed a volley of bullets at him while he sat in his car on a quiet Melbourne street. Finks bikie boss found dead in Victorian prison Notorious Finks bikie boss Brent Reker has been found dead in a Victorian prison.

Murder charge dropped for WA bikie boss A murder charge against the boss of a bikie gang accused of ordering a prison killing in Western Australia has been discontinued.

Victim's father outraged with ex-bikie killer's sentence The family of an innocent man fatally bashed in Adelaide's north by a former Hell's Angels bikie is outraged the killer has been given the minimum sentence for murder. Snapchat posts may have led to attack on former bikie's life A jury has been shown social media posts of a former bikie boss that prosecutors claim provoked an attempt on his life.

Ex-bikie boss 'doesn't remember' alleged attempt on his life A former bikie boss who allegedly lost a finger while firing back at assailants who shot up his house and torched his car, claims he doesn't remember the incident.

Underworld figure 'didn't even know Mitat was dead' Nabil Maghnie, earlier arrested by police, has been released without charge as investigations continue into a spate of shootings across Melbourne. Australian Hell's Angels member to be deported from Thailand Hell's Angels member Luke Anderson is set to be deported after his visa was revoked due to the charges that date back to WA bikie boss in 'good spirits' after tax evasion arrest 'Operation Ironfish' has nabbed 43 offenders over the last 22 months.

Push to stop criminals from working at airports and docks Job applicants at border entry points would be subject to background checks for gang-related offences or previous convictions under a planned law.

Fugitive bikie arrested over cold case murder A bikie wanted over a notorious cold case murder in Adelaide's north has surrendered to Queensland Police, six weeks after a warrant was issued for his arrest. WA woman's family launch fresh appeal to solve suspected cold case murder Lisa Govan, 28, has not been seen in 20 years since she left the Foundry Hotel in Kalgoorlie and disappeared.

Armed robbers confronted by alleged bikie gang president in bungled escape Greg Pearce, the alleged president of the Gold Coast Hells Angels motorcycle gang, stared down two thieves armed with a handgun and gave chase when they tried to escape. Charlie Teo's daughter charged over bikie crash The daughter of famed neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo is facing serious charges after crashing head on with the founder of Australia's Comanchero motorcycle gang on NSW's Central Coast.

Outlaw bikie has community correction order cancelled A former bikie hardman's community correction order for assault has been cancelled months before it was set to expire.

bikies australia

Burnt-out car linked to murder found buried on Hells Angels property A burnt-out hatchback allegedly used in the murder of a man in Adelaide has been found buried on a rural property owned by the Hells Angels, police said. Police storm bikie clubhouse in murder investigation Police have scoured a bikie-owned property along South Australia's Murray River as part of an ongoing murder investigation.

Known bikie in custody over ex-girlfriend's shooting death Police are continuing to question a known bikie member over the shooting death of his ex-girlfriend on the Gold Coast. Car fire linked to 'drug debt' bikie feud Police have confirmed the torching of a car in Adelaide is linked to an ongoing feud between rival bikie gangs.

Bikie boss denied entry to Thailand after bail change The leader of an Australian outlaw motorcycle gang has been refused entry into Thailand, despite his bail conditions allowing him to leave the country. Adelaide shooting sparks bikie war fears Three shots have been fired at an Adelaide property this morning, sparking concerns of an escalating bikie war. Seven face court over murder of father-to-be Jason De Ieso was gunned down at his Adelaide paint and panel shop in Bikie jailed for 23 for spanner murder Jesse Ray Penhall was charged over the death of David Norris, 39, at a trucking yard at Salisbury, north of Adelaide, in September Police locate cannon during search warrant in rural NSW A cannon has been seized from a property in rural NSW after police executed a search warrant.

Dozens of Hells Angels arrested at UK event Police have arrested 34 people during a three-day event marking the motorcycle club's 50th anniversary in Britain.

Police seize drugs, cash and weapons in major bikies raids Authorities swooped on multiple locations linked to Rebels motorcycle gang members spanning km of the WA coastline. Three bikies charged over alleged home invasion and kidnapping Three Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang members and an associate have been charged over an alleged home invasion and kidnapping in the Hunter region.

Melbourne man played dead during nightclub shooting Detectives in Melbourne are investigating potential links between the fatal Love Machine nightclub shooting and outlaw motorcycle gangs. Rebels bikie bailed over Logan Hyperdome shooting Another Rebels motorcycle gang member allegedly involved in a planned shooting attack at a shopping centre has been granted bail on strict conditions.

Python, drugs, weapons and stolen car seized in Comanchero home raid The bikie member is accused of 23 crimes, including weapons and drugs possession and the buying, selling or possession of a protected animal.Bikie gangs The latest news and comment on bikie gangs.

Published: 28 Nov Play Video. Published: 15 Mar Former Melbourne bikie leader Amad Malkoun injured in Athens car blast. Published: 2 Mar First known Australian refugee sues Canadian officials over asylum process. Stevan Utah, an Australian police informant who infiltrated the Bandidos bikie gang, alleges he was left in legal limbo for years.

Published: 24 Aug Bandidos informant granted refugee status by Canada after cover blown in Australia. Stevan Utah, who infiltrated bikie gang, believed to be the first Australian given refugee status by a foreign country. Published: 20 Aug Australian man Antonio Bagnato sentenced to death in Thailand.

Bagnato found guilty of abduction and murder of Hell Angels gang member Wayne Schneider at Pattaya.

bikies australia

Published: 7 Feb Lawyer accused of laundering drug money in scheme to help former Hells Angel. Police will allege Ana Brkan and former solicitor Paul John Crowley received kickbacks for helping organise bogus loans. Published: 14 Dec Wearing bikie club colours in public banned under Queensland organised crime laws. Palaszczuk government also increases sentences for child exploitation rings, financial fraud and drug trafficking.

Published: 30 Nov Mandatory sentencing for Queensland gang crime criticised by civil liberties group.

Rebels MC Australia

Published: 9 Oct Bikie role not ruled out in murder of Man Haron Monis's ex-wife, court told. Published: 4 Oct Man Haron Monis made girlfriend kill ex-wife after bikies refused, court hears.The history of gangs in Australia goes back to the colonial era. Criminal gangs flourished in The Rocks district of Sydney in its early history in the 19th century. The Rocks Push was a notorious larrikin gang which dominated the area from the s to the end of the s.

In the 20th century Italian crime gangs were active in Melbourne and Sydney, and youth gangs like the Sharpies in the s have been large enough to cause disturbances, though lacking criminal organisation. So-called "outlaw" bikie gangs have had a very visible presence in many places throughout Australia since the s, and several laws have been specifically prompted by their actions. Newman had been the target of numerous death threats from Asian gangs but did not seek police protection.

During the night of 5 September while outside his Woods Avenue home, he was shot twice and killed. Whilst media focus on Asian gangs in Australia is not as severe as it once was in the s, activities across a diverse criminal portfolio continue to occur. Groups at varied states of organisation are involved in murder, violence, drug importation and distribution, money laundering, human trafficking, and coercion of women into illegal prostitution.

In terms of Chinese gang activity, highly organised crime syndicates in Sydney have looked to Chinese youths on student visas for their recruitment drives. For over two decades there has been concern expressed about the increase of organised criminal activity by Vietnamese in Australia, with media attention focusing specifically on 'crime gangs'.

For example, a media report stated: 'Criminal gangs in the Vietnamese community are increasingly heavily armed, are moving into drugs and gambling, establishing links with Australian crime figures, and becoming involved in standover rackets in their own community'. Vietnamese criminal groups have been involved in distributing heroin in Australia. It has become apparent that a number of these Vietnamese groups are organising heroin shipments, either independently of or in association with established Chinese heroin trafficking operations.

An increasing amount of heroin coming to Australia appears to have been transhipped through Vietnam. Vietnamese criminal groups appear to be involved in all levels of the heroin trade from street dealing to importing.

They are also willing to purchase from Chinese importers and to wholesale to other groups, such as Romanian and Lebanese dealers. The heroin the Vietnamese import themselves is believed to come via Vietnam, which is apparently experiencing both increased production of opium increased transit of heroin.

This attracted addicts and dealers from far and wide. By organising its own importations of heroin typically impregnated in fabric, or carried by couriers returning from Vietnamit was able to greatly reduce its reliance and its overheads on the Chinese criminals who supply the greater proportion of the market.

The 5T gang also cut out the middlemen, and sold directly to the street. A marked increase was noted in heroin overdoses, prompting the New South Wales Health Department to issue a public warning.

The NSW Police have given particular attention to the heroin distribution in the Cabramatta area since the increase in the number of heroin offences there began in From July to July1, persons were charged as a result with heroin-related offences, of them with supplying heroin of different quantities. A further issue is the extent to which the gangs like the 5T are responsible for the violence and extortion that is occurring in the Sydney area. There are many media reports of 'Asian gangs' in Sydney engaging in violent robberies including 'home invasions', [15] Vietnamese syndicates have gained media attention again recently with a recent drug bust in Melbourne.

For a long time, Middle-Eastern gangs organization conducted extortion against nightclubs, ram raidsand car theft. More recently, drive-by shootings have become more common, with tit for tat drive by shooting starting as early asand becoming more common in recent years, [17] [18] including a drive by machine gun attack on a police station in Lakemba, Sydney. Ina permanent Middle-Eastern Organised Crime squad was set up following revenge attacks, including stabbings and assaults, by Middle Eastern youths following the Cronulla riots.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs are present in Australia, with international outlaw clubs like the Bandidos and Hells Angels and Gypsy Jokers as well as local groups. One of the major events in Australian motorcycle gang criminal history was what became known as the Milperra Massacre inwhere a fight between two gangs, the Comancheros and the Bandidos in Milperra in the South of Sydneyturned into a gun battle that claimed seven lives - six gang members and an uninvolved bystander.

While conflict between various clubs has been ever present, in the gang conflict escalated, with 13 shootings taking place in Sydney in the space of two weeks.

Bikie gangs

Gang violence has become high-profile to the point where various state governments have taken steps to change laws to focus on the problem, and police have set up groups to deal with the threat, including the Crime Gang Task Force in South Australia [22] Bikie gangs in South Australia at least, are involved in drugsmurderextortion and other forms of intimidation and violence.

Bikie gangs in South Australia have diversified their activities into both legal and illegal commercial business enterprises. In Western Australia they are involved in the drug trade. One Hell's Angels associate member was beaten to death in plain view of witnesses at the airport, and police estimated as many as 15 men were involved in the violence. Police documents detail the brawl as a result of the Comanchero and Hells Angels Presidents being on the same flight from Melbourne.Not to be confused with mere bike enthusiast clubs who meet to ride and socialise, outlaw motorcycle gangs or OMCG's are responsible for much of our nation's organised crime.

OMCGs are tied up in illicit commodity markets, particularly in the drug trade, and often perpetrate high impact violence, including the use of firearms and arson. Around 44 of Australia's bikie gangs have been outlawed. This is in reference to their belief that, unlike the rest of society, they are free to operate outside the law.

The following is a list of Australian outlaw motorcycle clubs. Famous members: Colin 'Caesar' Campbell was initially a member of the Gladiators, but went on to become an enforcer for Comanchero MC, before ultimately becoming a member of the Bandidos. He is now the author of several books recounting his experience as a bikie. They have chapters in Grafton, Maitland and Gunnedah. Links: The following chapters are based overseas, and only have a loose connection with Gladiators MC Australia.

Notable events: Gladiator clubhouses in Maitland and Grafton have been raided by the police several times, but no illegal substances or weapons have been found. We're getting the message loud and clear! Outlaws members even have a saying which is 'Adios', the Spanish word meaning 'goodbye' that here doubles as an acronym for 'Angels Die In Outlaw States'. Notable events: Harry 'Taco' Bowman, ex-Outlaws member and once on the FBI's most wanted list, died earlier this month while serving a life sentence in prison.

They are the largest outlaw motorcycle club in Australia and have approximate 70 chapters in this country alone. Mark Judge is thought to be a Rebels MC associate, and in he was found with television actress Jodi Gordon hiding from supposed intruders.

It is believed that they were experiencing drug induced hallucinations at the time because they called the police themselves to attend the property. Overview: Classing Odin's Warriors as an outlaw motorcycle gang has proved slightly problematic.

Some members of the club have committed serious crimes, whilst others have donated large amounts to various charities and hospitals. There are those that have written off these donations as a mere smoke screen.

Famous members: There are many famous members but an Australian figure worth mentioning is senior Hells Angels member Peter Zervas, brother of the man murdered in the Sydney Airport Brawl. Notable Events: Too many to count.

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The club as a whole insists that they are merely a club for motorcycle enthusiasts, and the actions of individuals do not represent the entire club's ethos. Overview: Gypsy Jokers MC was established in the s. As with some outlaw motorcycle club's patches, t he Gypsy Joker patch has three major variations. This murder came after the Jokers held Hancock responsible for the shooting death of their brother Billy Grierson at Ora Banda in They do not have any chapters internationally.

The group includes mainly members from the Nomads Adelaide chapter. Overview: Life and Death MC was founded in As we mentioned, not all motorcycle clubs or their member engage in unsavoury activities. There are plenty of groups that fuse their love of motorbikes with their desire to help a good cause. Overview: Infidel MC was founded in Australia in by to provide support to veterans. According to the Australia Criminal Intelligence Commission website, they are not an outlawed gang.

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an organisation that takes the intimidating stereotype of a biker, and uses it to provide support to abused children and their families, whether it be escorting a child to and form court, or former a physical barrier between a child and their abuser.

BACA members must go through police checks and anyone who comes under their protection goes through an extensive evaluation before the group agrees to take on their case.

Australian Bikie Gangs: Complete List of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

Personalise the newsletters you receive and gain access to competitions and offers. Something went wrong, we were unable to log you in using that account. Please try again later.The shootout had its roots in an intense rivalry that developed after a group of Comancheros broke away and formed the first Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Australia. Seven people were killed and twenty-eight injured when the two groups clashed at Milperra.

The event was a catalyst for significant changes to gun laws in New South Wales. Police believe that the war began over turf or drugs or a combination of both. However, both clubs at that time had a strong no drugs policy and Colin "Caesar" Campbell, Sergeant-at-Arms of both Comanchero Chapters and Sergeant-at-Arms of the Bandidos after they were patched over, points to the acrimony of the split as the sole reason.

According to Campbell, in lateone of his brothers and another Comanchero had called on another member and caught the Comancheros' president and founder William George "Jock" Ross, in a compromising position with the member's wife. As Sergeant-at-Arms, he ordered Ross to face charges of breaking one of the 10 firm rules the club observed.

Ross failed to appear at the first two scheduled meetings and, after arriving at the third, simply announced that the club would be split into two chapters and walked out. Those who supported bringing charges against Ross, the six Campbell brothers, the three McElwaine brothers, Anthony "Snodgrass" Spencer Snoddy and Charles "Charlie" Sciberras remained at the Birchgrove clubhouse that overlooked Yurulbin Park [4] while Ross and the remaining Comancheros set up a new clubhouse in Harris Park.

During the club's Christmas run fighting broke out between the two Chapters, prompting the Birchgrove chapter to break away and form a new club. Spencer had visited several outlaw clubs in America two years earlier and remembered how much respect U.

After much correspondence, he received approval to form the first Australian Bandidos chapter and become its national president. The new Bandidos members then incinerated their Comanchero colours in a ceremonial act.

Clubhouse attacks and other violence continued until August when Campbell alleged that Spencer and Ross "declared war" in a phone call. An advertisement for a British motorcycle club swap meet was placed in a few local press releases, to be held at the Viking Tavern, with a scheduled start at 10 am on Sunday, 2 September Using walkie-talkies for communication, Comanchero leader "Jock" Ross, a military enthusiast, intended to stand in the open to give the appearance he was alone, hoping to draw the Bandidos into a pincer movement that was based on the "Bullhorn Ambush" that he read had been used in the Second Boer War.

However, he was distracted by the presence of members of a rival club the Mobshitters and went to the back of the tavern to ensure they were not going to get involved. The Bandidos were late and thinking that they were not coming, some of the Comancheros went into the Viking Tavern bar. Caught off guard, the Comancheros were scattered around the car park when the Bandidos arrived. The Bandidos pulled up in a group at the western end of the car park and, after distributing guns and other weapons, moved to confront the Comancheros president.

The initial confrontation between the clubs was verbal, involving the brandishing of "non-lethal" weapons and challenges to drop the guns and settle it like men, but ended with the accidental discharge of a shotgun into the air. The involuntary discharge was the catalyst for pitched battle involving fists, guns and other weapons.

Contrary to some newspaper reports, there was no charge toward one another, nor were formal battle lines drawn. Although never mentioned by the media or charged, several wives and girlfriends of the club members took part.

Once the first shot was fired, it evolved into a series of bashings and kickings with sporadic gunfire. Bandido member Gregory "Shadow" Campbell was shot in the throat by a shotgun and died instantly.

bikies australia

Bandidos vice president Mario "Chopper" Cianter was shot twice in the chest with a shotgun and died instantly. After realising he'd been caught off guard and not having had the chance to set up a formal battle plan, Jock Ross ran from the back of the tavern holding a machete in one hand and a pick handle in the other. Almost immediately he was hit in the foot by shotgun pellets.

Staggering on he was then hit again in the head and chest and collapsed. Police responded after receiving reports that a man had gone berserk with a rifle at the Viking Tavern in Milperra and shots had been fired. Two Comancheros had died from shotgun wounds, another two Comancheros died after being shot with a Rossi. A further 28 people were wounded with 20 requiring hospitalisation.

Bandidos sergeant-at-armsColin "Caesar" Campbell, was shot six times and spent six weeks in intensive care before checking himself out.The history of the Comanchero motorcycle club covers half a century but can be told through the stories of just two violent men: Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi and Jock Ross. Ross was the gruff Glasgow-born former soldier who founded the club on the New South Wales Central Coast with four other motorcycle enthusiasts on April 15, Ross, the Comanchero's self-styled 'supreme commander', led the gang into the Milperra Massacre, in which four of his men as well as two Bandidos and a year-old girl died.

Comanchero bikies make their annual run from Milperra to Palmdale Cemetery to visit graves of their brothers killed in the Father's Day massacre of Mahmoud 'Mick' Mawi took over the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang when he was just The Comanchero bikie gang was founded by former soldier Jock Ross on a paramilitary model.

Mourners lift an empty coffin above their heads at the burial of Mick Hawi on Thursday. Hawi, as the gang's 'national president', was in control when the Comanchero bashed a Hells Angels associate to death inside Sydney Airport in Ross and Hawi were responsible for two of the most horrifying bikie incidents in the nation's history and brought more police attention on outlaw motorcycle gangs than anyone else. The point the Comanchero moved from being bike-riding white yobbos to a multicultural organised criminal group can be traced to when Ross and Hawi violently crossed paths.

Hawi was buried on Thursday after an Islamic service at the Al Zahra mosque at Arncliffe, in Sydney's south, attended by hundreds of mourners and watched by a large contingent of police.

As Hawi was being farewelled, a year-old man was shot at a Melbourne tattoo parlour which has had links to the Comanchero. The gang seems in disarray. Following the Milperra Massacre, Ross had maintained nominal control of the Comanchero for almost 20 years until a new breed of bikie arrived.

Rapid recruitment of Middle Eastern members in the late s, along with an increasing involvement in the drug trade were splitting the gang. The young had no respect for the old. The Comanchero's war with the Hells Angels culminated in a violent brawl in Sydney Airport's domestic terminal in picturedwhich ended in Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas being bashed to death with a bollard.

The Comanchero made headlines in after a clash between the gang and their rivals, the Bandidos, killed seven people. Ross was by then spending much of his time in retirement on the Central Coast near Mangrove Mountain when a group of the new brigade, including Hawi, drove up to visit about According to former detective Duncan McNab's book Outlaw Bikers in Australia, the visitors were concerned about the gang's leadership and told Ross they wanted to chat.

bikies australia

The new members of the Comanchero, young and fearless, respected only money and power and had no time for how the old guard - including their club's founding father - wanted things run. It was the outlaw equivalent of spitting in Jock's face. Ross was about Hawi was barely Within a year Hawi was national president and Ross's leadership was done. NSW police hold up a Comanchero banner after major anti-bikie raids in Sydney in Hawi joined the Comanchero at the age of just At the time he was already dating Gonzaelz, who he met at high school.

Ross's simple world was filled with blokes nicknamed Sunshine, Peewee and Lard. Hawi's complex orbit would include men with surnames such as Ngakuru, Ibrahim and Bazzi.

To understand where the club was now heading we need to go back to the start. From the beginning it was keen to recruit former soldiers and the gang was run on paramilitary lines. All Comanchero were originally required to swear allegiance to Comanchero law and the club's supreme commander, Jock Ross.

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The brotherhood of the Comanchero was not a 'do as you like' social club. Members had to adhere to Ross's Ten Commandments, including that they not use hard drugs. Any member found guilty of cowardice will be thrown out of the Club. Any member found guilty of stealing from a member of the Club itself will be thrown out of the Club. Any member found guilty of screwing another member's Real Ol' Lady or taking advantage of a rift between them for future 'conning up' will be thrown out.

Any member found guilty of selling, distributing or using hard drugs will be thrown out.


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